About AdMedika

AdMedika is the first Third Party Administrator (TPA) in Indonesia that provides integrated Claim Administration and Health Risk Management services with state-of-the-art back-end Claims Processing System.

About AdMedika

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PT Administrasi Medika or widely known as AdMedika is established in 2002, and became part of Telkom Group under Telkom Indonesia’s subsidiary holding company, PT Multimedia Nusantara (TelkomMetra) in 2010. As a part of Telkom Group, AdMedika is fully supported by Telkom Indonesia and its subsidiaries with maximum group synergy and optimal collaboration through Telkom Group Shared Solution to deliver only the best services and solutions to its partners and clients.

AdMedika servers millions of members with a comprehensive range of services that includes Healthcare Claim Management services, Healthcare Information Systems and Emergency Assistance services. As a technology based company, our services are always backed with state-of-the-art technology. Our EDC infrastructure network spreads through thousands of healthcare providers accross Indonesia and neighboring countries. AdMedika’s clientele comprise of top insurance companies in the nation, self-healthcare-managed corporations, TPA companies, and state-own companies (BUMN).

Be a part of the nation's most preferred healthcare partner and you can rest assure that you are in good hands.

Vision, Mission & Objective

Be the biggest healthcare solution provider in the region

Lead Indonesian digital healthcare integrated solution and platform

BELIEVE : Boost revenue, Ebitda minded, Lead market, Increasing net income, Telkom Group SynErgy, Value our people, Service excellencE

Certification & Award

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PT. Administrasi Medika
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