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The Telkom Way


Systems and cultures are continuously developed to meet the demand and to cope with the business changes in order to realize our aspirations to continue to advance, be valued by our customers, be competitive in our industry and be a role model for other companies.

As part of Telkom Group, AdMedika adapt the Telkom Indonesia’s Code of Ethics and Corporate Culture as our principles of business conduct and as the foundation for the implementation of GCG in our company.

Basic Belief : Always The Best

Always the Best is a basic belief to always provide the best in every job we do. Always the Best have the essence of "Ihsan" which in this sense is translated to "best". Employees who have Ihsan spirit will always provide better results than it should be, so the ihsan attitude will automatically be guided by a sincere heart. When every activity that we do is a form of worship to the God Almighty.
Philosophy to be the Best : Integrity, Enthusiasm, Totality

Always the Best requires our employees to have integrity, enthusiasm, and totality.
Principles to be the Star : Solid, Speed, Smart

Principles to be the Star of the Telkom Way is the 3S, namely Solid, Speed, as well as a Smart which is also the core values or great spirit.

solid speed smart
Practices to be the Winner : Imagine - Focus – Action

Practices to be the Winner of The Telkom Way is the IFA which is Imagine, Focus, Action as well as the Key Behaviors.

  • Begin from the end
  • The vision or dreams of a true leader
  • Start with what is desired, not from what is feasible
  • First thing comes first
  • Establish proof of progress
  • Prioritize resources allocation
  • The world can only be changed through imagination plus action
  • A vision without action is just a fantasy, action without vision is just a momentary sensation
  • Create quick wins
Code of ethics

A code of ethics for all Telkom Group employees which require that employees to:
  1. Acts and carries out his/her duties honestly and fairly.
  2. Places the interests of the Company above any personal or group interests.
  3. Respects individual rights and diversity as a source of strength for the Telkom Group.
  1. Upholds the corporate culture.
  2. Safeguards corporate assets and maintains the confidentiality of corporate information.
  3. Produces quality products and provides the best service to customers.
  1. Pursues corporate profits and growth by complying with the provisions of the law and business ethics.
  2. Is responsible for all his/her decisions and actions.
  3. Upholds and enhances the reputation of the Telkom Group.
  4. Respects the public and the environment.
Customer Perceived Value : Empathy - Accurate – Timely

Besides the 3S Solid - Speed – Smart as Core Values or the Great Spirit, AdMedika also runs a service value program named EAT i.e. Empathy, Accurate,Timely.

These values have been established as part of the Customer Centricity and Customer Service Excellence programs in order to create positive Customer Perceived Value and as a guide to all employees in providing services to clients and policy holders of AdMedika.

The values of EAT services have been designed in harmony with the Great Spirit 3S Solid - Speed - Smart. In the application of EAT culture in day-to-day operations, employees must be able to place themselves as clients and policy holders so that AdMedika employees can provide the best service quality standards.

The translation of EAT and its correlation with the Great Spirit 3S are as follows:

Empathy (Solid+Speed+Smart)
  • Understand the customer's needs
  • Empathize with the customer
  • Provide services based on caring and sharing.
Accurate (Solid+Smart)
  • Intelligent and precise.
  • Takes care of and improves services and the precision and accuracy of service results.
  • Provides services results in accordance with customer expectations, goals and in line company targets.
Timely (Speed+Smart)
  • Quick response to customer requests.
  • Improves services to meet customer satisfaction.
  • Always meets established time targets.
  • Strives to complete work ahead of stipulated targets.
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