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AdMedika is acquired by Telkom Indonesia through its subsidiary – Telkom Metra (PT Multimedia Nusantara) in 2010. This is a strategic acquisition for Telkom to strengthen its Information and Services business portfolio as part of Telkom TIMES (Telecommunication Information Media Edutainment Service) portfolios. By acquiring the one of the largest and market leader in health care administration provider in Indonesia, Telkom started its roadmap to realizing the National e-Health Program and AdMedika hold a significant role in the implementation of Telkom HIE (Health Information Exchange), a platform of collaboration that enable all the stakeholders in the health industry to improve effectiveness, productivity, and health insurance institution service quality.

As a part of Telkom Group, AdMedika is fully supported by Telkom Indonesia and its subsidiaries with maximum group synergy and optimal collaboration through Telkom Group Shared Solution. Telkom Indonesia and each of its subsidiaries in the TIMES portfolio have its own specialties and will compliment each other to deliver only the best services and solutions to its partners and clients.

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