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admedika hrm

admedika hrm

Risks to patients, staff, and the organization is an integral factor in health care insurance. Therefore, it is important for organizations to have access to comprehensive information to assess, develop, implement and monitor the risk management plan.

AdMedika Health Risk Management Service is the result of Big Data Analytics of health information that are processed using a scientific, systematic and comprehensive method by a inhoused special team. With more than 12 years experience in managing health information, AdMedika develop management systems and data analysis to produce in-depth information and identify trends.

Results of the data analysis health help strategic decision-making, formulating a promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative plan, improving health care quality and minimize risks.

Disease Management

admedika hrm

Disease Management is a program designed to classify population according to selected degenerative or high-cost diseases. The program is to ensure that each and every patient would be given adequate understanding about their conditions, so that they would live their lives comfortably by avoiding their diseases from escalating. The program can be run through providing patients with health and disease information, guidance, and encouraging their adherence with the prescribed medical treatments and life style to improve the quality of life and may reduce healthcare costs.

Medical Case Management

admedika hrm

This program is aimed at providing services for special medical cases based on an agreement with the clients. The program will be monitoring all stages of medical treatments ranging from admission process, inpatient and surgical process to recovery treatments. This is to ensure that all patients will obtain cost-effective, proper, safe and convenient services in accordance with the protocol and the agreed benefit scheme.

Provider Management

admedika hrm

Provider Management is program that has overarching objectives where members would be able to have a wide coverage of easy access, high quality and cost-effective providers, as well as inclusive of general practitioners, specialists, dentists, pharmacies and other healthcare networks for services both in and out of hospital. This program contains an internal mechanism in order to ensure that all providers will remain competitive to give their best services to all members.

Medication Management

admedika hrm

A program managed by capable pharmacists who provide personal assistance to ensure the appropriateness, effectiveness, and safety of the patient’s medication use, especially for patients suffering from degenerative or high risk disease to promote drug use compliance and cost –effective pharmaceutical treatment.

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