AdMedika Valuecard

Special privilege for our card holder


AdMedika value added service that provide special benefits for AdMedika members / cardholders. Specifically selected merchants that could support health promotion and prevention activities as a strategy to reduce the number of insurance healthcare claims.

Every healthcard that have AdMedika logo can now be used to get promotions and special discounts on AdMedika merchant partners.

Benefit of AdMedika Valuecard for members
  • Get promotions and special discounts exclusively for AdMedika cardholders.
  • The first to get information about merchants promo‚Äôs and special discounts.
  • Getting added value and prestige as AdMedika card holders.
Benefit of AdMedika Valuecard for payer
  • Provide added value to its members.
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the insurance products
  • Has the potential to lower claim rate.

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