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Our Emergency Assistance Program called I-Assist, provides integrated assistance for domestic and international network. A well and efficiently Structured Alarm Centre with agents worldwide to assist in solving complex cases 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our partnership carries more than 40 years' experience, having built its foundations, fine-tuned its methods and procedures, and consolidated its resulting experience through the expertise of experienced, multi-lingual team of Assistance Coordinators specializes in delivering life-determining assistance during medical emergencies anywhere in the world as well as coordination of transportation home after accidents or illnesses.

Medical Assistance Service

Are you ready for the unexpected? How to arrange bed to bed transfer to overseas medical facility? How can you seek medical treatment in a country where you cant speak the language fluently? Here at I-Assist we are always ready to assist you in any emergency medical cases.

Emergency Medical Supervised Evacuation

If I-Assist Medical Officer determines that adequate medical facilities are not locally available, I-Assist will use its best effort to evacuate the Participants to the nearest and appropriate medical facility by whatever means of transport, equipment and medical personnel which are deemed necessary.

Emergency Medical Evacuation From On-Shore Sites

If I-Assist Medical Officer determines that adequate medical facilities are not locally available, I-Assist will use its best effort to evacuate the Participants to the nearest and appropriate medical facility by whatever means of transport, equipment and medical personnel which are deemed necessary.

Medically Supervised Repatriation

A medically supervised repatriation by means of commercial carrier will be provided, if determined and medically necessary by I-Assist Medical Officer together with consulting physician, to the registered home residence of the Participants.

Intensive Care Monitoring

By releasing Medical Information Form, Participants agrees that I-Assist may communicate with attending physician to ensure medical care is appropriate, and when legally permissible the family will be updated on the condition of the Participants.

Recommended Recovery Expenses

Once a Participant is discharged from in-patient medical care following an evacuation and/or repatriation by I-Assist, I-Assist will pay up to USD1.000, - against invoices presented for expenses incurred during the recovery period to provide the medically recommended convalescence for the Participant in a facility outside the Participant/Participant’s family home. Service is valid 30 days from the date of Participant’s evacuation/repatriation.

Arrangements Of Emergency Prescription

While traveling and Participant is under prescribed medication, I-Assist will arrange emergency prescription not locally available whenever possible and legally permissible, with the permission of the prescription physician, should participant lost his medication. The cost of drugs is responsibility of the Participants.

Arrangements Of Hospital Admission Guarantee

While travelling outside of Indonesia, I-Assist will arrange Guarantee or transfer of any required emergency hospital admittance deposit on behalf of a Participant up to USD2.500, - by validating Participant’s health benefit. Participant is responsible for the funding of medical expenses in the medical facility and Hospital Guarantee.

24 Hour Worldwide Medical Consultation And Referral

Participants of I-Assist have 24 Hour access to medical personnel, to assess the medical condition together with I-Assist pre-qualified medical professional for consultation, referral if needs further investigation.

Arrangements Of Mortal Remains

In the event of a Participant’s demise while travelling alone, we will render every assistance possible to obtain necessary clearances and arrange for the return to registered home country of the Mortal Remains or at sight burial up to USD15.000, - (Domestic USD 7.000, -)

Dispatch Of Doctor Or Specialist

In the event our Medical Officer is unable to assess a Participant’s condition for evacuation, a Doctor/Specialist will be dispatched to the Participant’s location at I-Assist cost.

Arrangements Of Emergency Personal Cash

If Participants is travelling alone and left without means of payment due to loss of travel documents, I-Assist will arrange emergency cash advance of up to USD250, - in local currency equivalent. Origin of the funding comes from the Participants.

Coordination Of Claims Assistance

Assist Participants in coordinating overseas claims procedures with their insurance programs, and as directed by their employer.

Attorney, Translation & Interpreters, Embassy & Consular Referral

Besides provision of contact information for Embassies and Consulates worldwide to Participants, our network of 24 Hours Alarm Centre provides contacts to qualified local attorneys, translator and interpreter, rendering such assistance like Bail Bonds where such bonds are customarily issued. Participants are responsible for contracted legal fees, and if personal presence or customized services are required.

Lost Luggage Or Travel Document Assistance

I-Assist will assist the Participants with lost travel documents, ticket replacement, or luggage assistance.

Emergency Message Transmission

Assistance to receive and transmit emergency messages between the family and / or employers of a Participant.

Travel Arrangements For Participants Who Have Mobility Limitations

By the time the participants get a referral for hospitalization of more than 7 days in a row, one ticket Y Full-Fare Economy Class round-trip will be provided by AdMedika inpatient location to the destination to the person designated by the participant. Additional services include a USD 50 (fifty US Dollars) per day up to 7 days for the provision of accommodation for people who designated

Unattended Minor Children

Legal dependent children (below 16 yrs old) left unattended as a result of a Participant's accident/illness, a one way economy airfare will be arranged to their place of residence. Qualified attendants will be provided when required.

Return Of Travelling Companion

When Participant is evacuated or hospitalized and travelling companion’s air ticket is no longer valid, a one way economy airfare will be arranged to the original departure point

Emergency Family Travel Arrangements

We will assist in coordinating travel arrangements for family members to join hospitalized Participant. Cost of travel services is the responsibility of the Participant / employer / family.
Case Study #1

Bed-to-Bed Transfer

A patient diagnosed with a GBS needed further medical treatment , which was transferred from Jambi to Siloam Kebun Jeruk Hospital in Jakarta by chartered flight with medical escort and full medical equipment on board.
Case Study #2

Bed-to-Bed Transfer

A patient diagnosed with SHOCK CARDIOGENIC and Severe 3VD pro CABG and needed further medical treatment was transferred from RS Siloam Balikpapan to RS Siloam Kebun Jeruk in Jakarta by chartered flight with medical escort and full medical equipment on board.
Case Study #3

Bed-to-Bed Transfer

Patient is in Pluit Hospital with cardiac complications and are being treated in the ICU. For coordinating with the doctors who treat patients referred to a specialist neuro - surgeon to perform follow-up care at the Mount Ellizabeth in Singapore. The patient is evacuated using Gulfstream G150 aircraft. Preparation also includes security clearance, flight and landing permit approval.

AdMedika have the largest healthcare provider network in the nation with more than 2400 domestic providers and with our strategic global partnership of more than 40.000 international providers spanning across 237 countries. With I-Assist Network we can provide you with International medical point referral and Organization of medical travel abroad.

Domestic Providers
International Providers

Travel Assistance Service

I-Assist Go provide travel assistance services such as Short trip travel assistance, Medical tourism, Expat assistance. We ensures our members and customer to feel safe while away from home.

I-Assist Taqwa provide travel assistance services for you religious pilgrimage journey of Hajj & Umrah. AdMedika has cooperated with 32 (thirty-two) providers spread over three countries such Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Palestine.

Personal Assistance Service

I-Assist You provide personal assistance like no other. We are a helping hand, and peace of mind, to guide you in the right direction and resolve a problem when you are at your most vulnerable – at home and abroad. From restaurant booking and event ticketing to guest lists and global travel solutions, this concierge program aims to be the ultimate lifestyle enhancer.

Bringing together traditional concierge services to provide a package with daily benefits. With a whole host of lifestyle, travel, retail and assistance services that will save you time, reduce stress and leave you feeling delighted.


  • Airport Limo Transfer
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Airport Meet & Greet
  • Assistance for travel inconveniences
  • Flight / tour booking
  • Hotel recommendation and reservation
  • LifeEasy / BagEasy


  • Courtesy pick-up & dellivery for car servicing
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Replacement Car


  • Golf
  • Shopping
  • Dining


  • RSVP to events
  • Other ad-hoc requirements

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