Analytic Services

These days, almost everyone is connected to the internet. Every second, there are billions or even trillions of information passing through cyberspace. Through Adbrief, AdMedika works together with experts to analyze this abundance of information and provide valuable information for hospitals, companies, insurance companies, and other institutions in their strategic decision making processes. 

Adbrief Benefits: 

  • mproving the quality of healthcare

  • Risk minimization 

  • Assist institutions in their strategic decision making process and formulating promotive, preventive, and curative plans 

Adbrief Analytics

The internet generates billions and even trillions of new data every second, but not all of this information is valuable to us. Built on infrastructure with the latest technology, Adbrief works closely with data scientists and health experts to help companies, hospitals, insurance, and other institutions make swift and accurate strategic decisions. The information presented by Adbrief comes in the form of health trends that are happening around the company’s area or other information that is in accordance with the company's risk profile. This information can be personalized according to the profile of each institution.  

Adbrief Dashboard

Information requires engaging visualization so that readers can focus their attention on the right points. In Adbrief, information that has been curated by the AdMedika team is displayed on an interactive dashboard, so that readers can focus on pivotal information that plays a significant role in their decision making process. The interactive dashboard can always be accessed on the web or mobile, through which is equipped with the best security system to ensure Adbrief is free from cyber attacks that often occur in companies with big data.