Assistance Services

I Assist is a guarantee for medical expenses carried out abroad and medical emergency evacuation services. I Assist can be done in all healthcare facilities around the world.

I Assist Network

AdMedika works together with more than 40,000 healthcare facilities in 237 countries. Domestically, AdMedika has partnered with more than 7,800 healthcare facilities throughout Indonesia. AdMedika ensures you stay protected, no matter where you are. 

I Assist Med

  • I Assist Med provides a wide range of services to help you deal with unfavorable
    events when you are abroad, some of the services provided by I Assist Med are: 

    • Emergency medical evacuation 

    • Dispatch of doctors or specialists 

    • Arrangements of mortal remains 

    • Lost baggage or travel documents 

    • Worldwide 24-hour medical consultation and referral 

    • A variety of other medical emergency services

I Assist Go

Through the I Assist Go programme, AdMedika offers short trip travel insurance, medical tourists, and expatriate insurance. We guarantee that every AdMedika member will feel safe and protected, even when they are away from home.